flamingo uses predictive data-driven analytics to increase sales and maximize profit

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What we do?

Maximize Profit, Optimize and Custom Engagement. Datamingo works for all businesss, big and small. Our solution works as hard as you do, boosting margins while saving you time, getting more done in every shift, every day

Sales & Demand
Forecasting analytics

Gain immediate access to intuitive,
fast reporting tools down to the minute.
Utilize artificial intelligence to improve and automate your daily /monthly sales forecast

Product Analysis

Do you know which products
customers buy most?
Perform on actionable insights
generated by complex
machine learning algorithms to improve
guest experiences and exponentially enhance purchasing behavior.

Predict optimizing systems

Simultaneously preview future sales to control inventory costs by feeding our platform a constant stream of real-time data.
Adjust staff schedule and individual shifts based on demand and understand optimal open hours.
Up-sell more products by identifying key product combinations over time.

NextGen Framework
NextGen Framework

See what Datamingo
can do for you

Datamingo enables operators to better understand, manage and less financial risk, greater consistency and more operational control

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See all your data turned into results

Datamingo integrates with major pos, staff,scheduling and social platform.

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NextGen Framework NextGen Framework

Business owners
love Datamingo

"We are delighted to have Datamingo onboard in helping us
strengthen the relationship we have with our global customer base.
Datamingo simplicity creates real benefit for the end-user and
builds good sentiment between business and customers.”

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Our Service

Intuitive and Easy to Use

  • No Training Needed

    Datamingo is designed to make managing a simple,
    yet intuitive task that requires minimal to no prerequisite training.

  • Easy Integration

    Our team will take care of putting in place all the integrations seamlessly.
    All you need to do is download our app or visit our web app to start getting access to all your data in one location.

Our Latest Works

Explore all social interaction

see and be alerted to all your customer’s interactions
with social and review platforms in one place.